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Incarnations of Kyoko by LadyKailitha Incarnations of Kyoko by LadyKailitha
So I've been re-reading Skip Beat! and I was struck at the different characters she plays and how different they all look from each other.

SPOILERS!!!!!! Here there be dragons...

From Left to Right and then the one at the bottom

Kuon Hizuri (age 10)- When Kuu Hizuri is visiting his native Japan Lory decides that Kyoko will be his manager for his stay. Well, Kuu decides that since Ren and her are such good friends (Ren is Kuu's son and Ren Tsuruga is his stage name) that he'd torment her so that she'd going running to Ren so he'd see Kuu. Well, this backfired when Kyoko is a tougher nut than he thought. So he decides to take her under his wing and teach her how to become the best actor she can be. He decides that she's going to play his son (girls have taken on boy parts before) and not only does she blow away the father with the accurate portrayal she blow away the son as well when they meet up accidently. She learns what its like to fall in love with a role and Kuu decides to "adopt" her.

Choko-When Kyoko first starts as at LME she gets asked by idol Ruriko to be her gofer during her shooting of a drama starring Ruriko and Ren. Kyoko first thinks of Ruriko as a princess but soon learns that she's a spoiled brat who Lory is trying to teach a lesson to. Well, Kyoko sprains her ankle and Ruriko thinks she's faking to Ren's attention and quits saying that they should be nicer to her (Ruriko) because she's a newbie. And says that if they like Kyoko so much they should use her. Well, not only does Kyoko do a much better job, Ren takes her more seriously. But the director had no intention of replacing actresses and when Ruriko sees what they are looking for decides to give it her all which is what Lory wanted.

Setsu Hill-Ah this one has it's roots fairly early on in the story before even her experience as Kuon. Ren was asked to be a serial killer named BJ (Black Jack) and that they didn't want him to use the Ren Tsuruga and so the president came up with the Alter Ego Cain Hill. A very evil goth type character. Well, since Yashiro can't be following "Cain" around the president comes up with a plan to make sure he eats and as we find out later to keep him from losing his cool. Have Kyoko be his lucky charm... as his sister Setsuki or Setsu. She has a brother complex and he loves to spoil her. On set she's his translator (Cain doesn't speak Japanese).

Fallen Angel-on the set of Shou's PV (promotional video, kinda like our music videos) the story is about these two angels that are such good friends until the one falls for a demon (Shou) knowing that the relationship is killing her friend, she decides to kill the demon and thereby becomes the demon herself. She almost gets kicked off the set when Shou finds out who she is but when he decides to keep her, she promises he'll regret it. She has a bit of a problem with the killing scene because she's suppose to become the demon after killing him not before like what she was doing. She calls Kanae and gets some help from her on the character. And when she's starts to cry as she's pushing him of the tower, he freezes up and doesn't look away like he's suppose to. Thereby making her premonition correct.

Natsu-after the success of her first major role "Mio" in Dark Moon, she starts to get these requests to do dark and mean types including Box-R. Well Kuu persuades her to take these roles and make them her own and unlike "Mio" as possible. Well, at first she has a hard time getting into the role because the girl is a bully and it brings back painful memories from when she was bullied. But after Ren helps her, she creates a Natsu that impresses everyone and she even wins over her rival on set.

Mio-After the director saw her in Shou's PV, he decided that he'd have no one else for the role of the dark and broken Mio. She's the villain in the drama throughout most of the story though she does end up turning around in the end. She had a hard time getting into the character but we found out later that this was because the character was contradicting. Shy but arrogant. And once she got rid of the shy aspect of it the character made more sense and was a much stronger character.

Friend A- Instead of waiting to make her debut Kyoko decides that she's going to try out for a commercial, there she meet Kanae (or Moko-san) who is having trouble with one of the girls there at audition. Kyoko decides to help her and tells her that talent can't be bought (the other girl is rich apparently), the director hears this and decides to reject the other's offer of money and to up the number of girls in the commercial to two. By the luck of the draw Kyoko and Moko are made partners and they are forced to ad lib their scenes because they know each other. The story is Friend A and B like the same guy A confesses to the guy but he likes A. And the two rounds are A and B fight then A and B reconcile. The other girl cheats but Kyoko still knocks the second half out of the ballpark with them both getting the roles.

Bo- That rooster thing... yeah that... he's the mascot for a variety show hosted by a teen rock group call Bridge Rock. The first one didn't go well, she was fired after attacking Shou in front of the studio audience. But the audience at home hadn't seen that part and only saw her enthusiasm so she was hired back. She often meets Ren in the costume (he doesn't know it's her) and she'll often help him out as Bo. He has different costumes but his every day one is coveralls. He even wore a chef's costume for one episode. And then there's the tux in this scene.
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AsHappyAsIGet Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013
this manga keeps getting better with every chapter :)
thanks for this
Cagedhummingbird Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013

Nice picture combination and description. I am in love with all of her personas/incarnations! My favorite is fallen angel(even though it really didn't last long) and Kuon(she makes the perfect guy!!!)



LadyKailitha Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! I love her turn as Koun too. But I'm really loving Setsu at the moment.
hermiko Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Very interesting, especially your study of them^^
LadyKailitha Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you.
Bellarose06 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2012  Hobbyist
isn't it natsu? just askin.. ^^.
LadyKailitha Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oops! I am pretty sure I looked up the spelling on all the characters but somehow missed that one...
ookaminekotorako Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2011
I just love this manga <3
LadyKailitha Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Me too. I'm sooooooo addicted.
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