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The Sorrow of the Doctor
Clara was freaking out. The Doctor had decided to pay a visit on the worse day imaginable. The Chairman of Governors was making his yearly tour of the school today.
"Doctor, you turn around this instant!" she said, panic starting to rise. She tried pushing him back into the TARDIS, but he wouldn't budge. He dug in his heels and looked down his nose at her.
"Why?" His voice was rough and cold.
"Because," was Clara's clipped response.
"Why?" he asked more firmly.
"This is a very important day for me. I could get fired if you muck this up for me."
"Oh. What's so important, then?" the Doctor asked.
"I just explained it to you," she huffed.
"Yes, yes, the Chairman of Governors. But I don't know what that means."
"It means that if I don't impress this one person I could lose my job."
"So, who is he then?" the Doctor asked.
"The Chairman of-" she began.
"No, no. He has a name, doesn't he?" the Doctor said cutting her off.
"Oh." She rocked back on her heels, taking a half ste
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WPA House Badges by LadyKailitha WPA House Badges :iconladykailitha:LadyKailitha 0 0 Westminster Private Academy by LadyKailitha Westminster Private Academy :iconladykailitha:LadyKailitha 1 3
I... I can't get these memories out of my mind.
And some kind of Madness,
Has started to evolve, mmm.

John stood in the center of the flat he had shared with Sherlock those fantastic eighteen months. He was back for the first time since Mrs. Hudson asked him to help her clean out Sherlock's things. He had promised to help her, oh, so many times. But he could never bring himself to walk up those seventeen steps. He looked around as the memories flooded him.
The human skull. Mrs. Hudson taking it away when Sherlock was obnoxious. Sherlock's insistence that it was real. John supposed it could be. It would fit with the rest of the genius's personality, if it was. It's a friend. Well, when I say friend…
What I said earlier was true, John. I don't have friends. I've just got the one. John clutched his heart as a tear rolled down his cheek. As a conductor of light you are unbeatable! John reached out and grabbed the back of Sherlock's chair and he struggled
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I stared at the calendar in disbelief. Shit, shit, shit! Valentine's Day was next week. This would be Sherlock's and my first one together. I wasn't even sure if he wanted to do anything at all. He didn't like holidays in general. Granted Christmas was a special kind of hell for the man but he didn't even like Halloween, one holiday I figured would be right up his alley.
I ran my hands over my face in frustration. Plus there was no way that I could outdo that first real date of ours but should I wait for Sherlock to plan something instead? Argh! The problem with that, however, was what if he genuinely forgot and felt guilty? He'd be sulking around the flat for days. Weeks even.
Well, there was only one thing for it. I'd have to ask the detective if he wanted to do something for the holiday and if he didn't, then I would play the martyr at work and take the last shift for all the doctors who did have plans for that night. It really bothered me, though. I wanted to do somet
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All at Once
I thought that it was actually refreshing not to be the one kidnapped for a change. Not that I wanted Sherlock to be kidnapped, but since it's usually the other way round, it made for a nice change of pace really.
The reason was even for something we hadn't encountered before. They wanted to experiment on the Great Detective. To find out what it was about Sherlock that made him so damn clever. Of course, they could have nabbed Mycroft, but he tended to play dumb in public and Sherlock liked to show off. So on one of those rare occasions where I happened to be out of town (medical seminars and conventions are the only things that got me out of London these days), they nabbed my idiotic flatmate and made off with him.
I got the call from Mycroft mere minutes after it occurred. There was even a private jet waiting for me to take me back to London in hopes of finding my friend before irreparable damage was done.
On the flight over I read over the file that Mycroft had prepared for m
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When the army agreed to pay for my schooling, I wasn't sure what I really wanted to do. They were going to pay for it, regardless of what it was. I heard tales of buddies getting English lit. majors paid for by the crown. I had joined only a couple years ago after a year or so of drifting, doing nothing. It gave me something to do but somehow I wanted more so I looked into going to university. But I was still unsure what I wanted to do with my life at the age of twenty-two. So, I had accepted a forensic internship to see if it was what I wanted to do with my life after the army.
The science of it all was interesting. I loved medicine but forensics interested me too, so my professor set me up with a friend of his to do a month-long internship. I wouldn't get paid, but I would get the experience. If it was what I wanted to do I could put it on my resume and it would put me ahead of most other applicants.
My professor took me over to New Scotland Yard and I have to admit I was more than a
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Sherlock Pairing Meme by LadyKailitha Sherlock Pairing Meme :iconladykailitha:LadyKailitha 10 38
School Life: Epilogue
Mr. Millerton and Trevor were arrested. Last Sherlock heard was that Mrs. Trevor was divorcing her husband and suing him for what he did their son. They got a new assistant headmaster one Alec MacDonald, an old friend of the headmaster.
The rest of the year was quiet and calm. Sherlock described it as hateful. John was grateful. Mary and he fell into a pattern, moving in sync. When Sherlock had dark days, or as Mycroft called them 'danger nights', John would stay with his roommate and distract him and Mary would hang out with Molly. The side effect of this, however was that it sometimes drove Greg into their room for company. They never gave him a new roommate and sometimes the silence drove him to seek out whatever company he could find.
Most nights they would just talk as they learned the hard way that you couldn't play games with Sherlock Holmes. It wasn't that he cheated, exactly but you couldn't hide anything from him and it made playing anything but games of chance, nearly imposs
:iconladykailitha:LadyKailitha 2 6
School Life: Chapter Fifteen
Sherlock wandered around the school like a lost soul. He was quiet in class and did his homework. He was still the brightest in the school. There was nothing and no one that could keep that giant brain of his from moving forward. His heart on the other hand was another matter entirely. It broke John's heart to watch the greatest heart tear itself to pieces. But there was nothing he could say that would make it better. Even John wasn't that stupid.
Sherlock refused any and all attempts to get him out of the room. Not even John could rouse him from his dark stupor. Not even attempts to get him to look at the case would peak his interest. It seemed to everyone, including those that bullied him that he was heartbroken.
John hated to see him this way. Valentine's day was the worst. Sherlock glared at him as he got ready for his date with Mary. He eyed the snow globe and picked it up. John's eyes grew wide and stepped his direction.
"Sherlock, you really don't want to do that, mate." John to
:iconladykailitha:LadyKailitha 1 2
School Life: Chapter Fourteen
John watched his father carefully as he administered to his friend. He had gotten the story from Victor and it broke his heart.
"John come help me put him on your bed." His father ordered and John hastened to comply. As his father lifted Sherlock, he blinked.
"Maybe I don't need your help, John, after all. Does this boy ever eat?"
"Bane of my existence, dad, is trying to get him to eat. Something. Anything." John whined as he helped his dad carefully lay Sherlock on the bed.
"Silly git." His dad agreed.
"Um... I should call, Mycroft..." John murmured.
"That'd be a good idea, honey. Me and your dad will watch over him and let you know when he wakes." his mother told him as she gently nudged him toward the hall.
John sighed and with a single backwards glance at his friend he went to the hall to call Mycroft. He flipped through Sherlock's contacts and chuckled at the names. Mouse, he assumed was Molly. DI must be Greg. He must have had a lot of faith in Greg to give him that one. There wa
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School Life: Chapter Thirteen
John spent the first couple days of his vacation running around like a mad man. First he made sure all the public rooms were clean. The kitchen, the dinning room, the living room, the bathroom all spotless. His bedroom even more so. His parents watched in shock as their son ran around making sure everything was perfect.
John rushed to do a load of sheets when his mother stopped him.
"John dear, I love you but you have to stop. If this house gets anymore clean it can be used for your father's surgery."
John blushed. "I just want everything perfect. Sherlock comes from a rich family, I don't want him to think we're slobs."
Mrs. Watson pulled her son into a hug. "I'm sure he's not expecting perfection, John. I think he'll just be excited that you went to all this effort for him." John hugged his mother back.
"Thanks mum."
As John dashed off Mr. Watson came up behind his wife. "If I didn't know about the girlfriend, I would have sworn our son was preparing for someone more special than jus
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Magic and Mischief Part 7
Sherlock knew his friend was very angry with him but he also knew that John would follow the plan. John ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. He was doing better in potions thanks to Sherlock's suggestions and had no desire to go back to being the class idiot. But if it stopped more kids from vanishing he'd have to do it.
Sherlock on the other hand was breezing through his potions class and while Snape was clearly wary of him since their encounter he had to grudgingly admit that Sherlock was the best at potions, he'd seen since... well since himself. Someone with a true affinity for the art.
Sherlock smirked to himself as he watched the potions master nod appreciatively at his finished potion. Not only had he finished first, he could tell that his was the best. The potion was suppose to be a bright fuchsia and smell like mint. Around him he was seeing shades of purple and red but not the right mix of the two and couple of smelled vile. He wasn't sure what it smelled like but
:iconladykailitha:LadyKailitha 2 0
School Life: Chapter Twelve
The Christmas season was upon them and Sherlock had gone through the entire case file and felt there was something missing. Though he supposed that if he had shared with John like he said he was going to, it might have been easier. But Sherlock was stubbornly denying he needed help.
There was nothing for it, he was going to have to share the information with John during the two days he would be spending with his roommate over the holidays. He sighed. He didn't want to buy presents but John had somehow convinced him to at least get something for Victor. Which meant that logic followed that he had to get something for John and if he got something for John, he should get something for Greg and since Molly never left Greg's side these days it would be a bit not good not get her something too so while he was at it he might as well get something for his father and brother.
He ran his hands through his hair in frustration. So he made a list.
Victor- John suggested something romantic, what is
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Magic and Mischief Part 6
Sherlock managed to brew the invisibility potion a couple days later. For something that was suppose to make him disappear, it sure was a murky liquid. But if Sherlock looked at it from the corner of his eye he could have sworn that it shimmered gold. He took it to John and they went to meet Martin's best friend. If anyone would know what his argument with Snape was over it would be Grady Cartwright.
Sherlock told John that he would only have an hour to get the information from the boy. John nodded, he would have to be his most charming. He just hoped that it would work on boys as well as it does on girls.
John watched as his best friend drank the awful looking liquid. Sherlock grimaced.
"It tastes about as good as it looks." Sherlock clutched his sides and about doubled over. John rushed over and just as he touched his friend's shoulder the boy disappeared. If John hadn't been touching him at the time he wouldn't have believed it.
"Are you alright?" John asked. He could hear heavy bre
:iconladykailitha:LadyKailitha 4 6
School Life: Chapter Eleven
John had to admit helping Molly was the best idea ever. Not only did it mean sticking up for Sherlock it meant being with the prettiest girl of their school. At dinner they laughed and chatted like they had been friends for years. Her brown eyes lit up like stars, she would turn her head causing her hair to fall in front of her face and she would shyly brush it behind her ear.
John was so completely smitten that the night passed within a blink of an eye. He walked her to the front of her dorm as boys weren't allow inside. She smiled and he took the chance. He leaned in for a kiss and was rewarded by her wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him closer. When they finally broke it off they stared at each other panting.
"Wow." John said. He didn't think that there was a word that described how incredible that was.
"Thanks for the amazing night, John." she muttered her head tilted down as she looked up through her eyelashes.
"Next time we'll see a movie. Your choice." John b
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But I have a five month old that keeps me running non-stop. And when I do get a break my mind is so fogged with exhaustion that it makes being creative very hard.

I'm still working on the story for leetbluee19. It has reached over 5000 words and I'm only half way done.

I also have other stories that I've put up on Would anyone be interested in those in the mean time? I believe I have two full chapter fics, that I could put up.

I haven't been drawing or painting much. I really don't have the space to do so.

I'l try to be around more, or at least keep you better updated.

TA! For now!
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I've been drawing for as long as I can remember and once even got told that I draw more than someone one who does this for a living. I'm not very good but I keep learning new things that help me along. Although I must admit I tend to be a lazy sort of artist often giving up and moving on to something else.

I paint with water colors because it seems like a very forgiving medium and I love shocking people with the vibrant colors I can pull from it.

I write but rarely have my stuff been commented upon as really great, mostly what I get it is that I'm pretty good. And I'm okay with that. I write not to please others but to please myself.

That said however... I'm a very needy sort. I like my stuff being favorited and commented upon, being told that someone out that appreciates what I can do. You see I often got compared to better, more talented, older sisters and it stunted me a bit.




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